Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eastlake Armoire

This Eastlake Armoire is an old knock down wardrobe circa early 1900's, and was found at an auction in Centerville.  The knock down was designed for the ease of moving a large piece of furniture at the beginning of last century.  Wow, never thought I would ever say that.  This one is made of oak and quite heavy.  Having been stored in a barn for years rendered its original finish non existent. The hand carved beauty had been hidden away for quite possibly decades with layers of grime and neglect.  What choice did I have but to bring it to the studio to begin its new life. After a week of scrubbing and sanding I chose a cream and leaf green crazed finish with translucent gold and vineyard grape juice purple accents.  I love the detailing on the top, Eastlake has always been a favorite of mine.  The rest of this story tomorrow...