Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Peaceful and Blessed New Year

May you find yourself upon the path of the dreams that you pursue...May you always find yourself to be with friends that are true blue...And if per chance a tear should fall as sometimes they will do...May you find the bar of chocolate that I've hidden in your shoe.

Brown County Lane

Oil on canvas board  6" x 8"  NFS
Looking up and down the lane in Brown County Indiana...working on softening techniques to try and give a dreamy feeling to the work.

Shiny and new...

As I said before, the crew at The Stutz is good!  I do not know if I should install the sink or warm up my rollerblades...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Tiny Nest

4"x4" Oil on canvas

I decided to post this tiny nest study as we prepare for the new year in hopes of a bright and new beginning.  I have done a series of works along this theme throughout the year, and it gives me thoughts of hopes and dreams yet to be realized.  I will show more of this series as time allows...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Studio update...Look at those windows!

The good news...the walls are down, and the carpet is history.  Not so good news...carpet removal damaged floor...a floor grinder will be brought in tomorrow.  The crew at The Stutz has been working on my new space, and I appreciate them for all of their hard work...especially with with all of the surprises a tear out can bring.  Below you can see that Chad and Billy are still smiling...                  
The Stutz has the best crew in the Downtown area. To learn more about this historic landmark, or inquire about studio or office space please contact  Stutz Business Center


Monday, December 28, 2009

Little Piece Of My Heart Brooch

Another member for the little piece of my heart series, all vintage china, bits o busted glass, crystals and a rhinestone. A brooch this time with a pendant loop.  The rosebud center is a favorite of mine, that I love to use when ever I find just the right spot.....

Bringing in the new.....

This is a photo of the work space in my current studio at The Stutz.  I do love this studio,  but my inner child does not enjoy doing hurdles over, or army crawls under things in my path to make it all the way back to my easel to play.  Oh how I love my easel....if only it were not squeezed in so tightly to the get the idea.

Hopefully in a few short days I will be moving to this studio, just two doors down......plenty of room for my inner child to play....once my outer adult does some heavy lifting of course!  Pictured below are walls being torn down as I type prophetic!  Stay tuned for updates and studio moving after party...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Little Piece Of My Heart Necklace

Pique Assiette necklace made with vintage china and antique beads.  The necklace can be worn as a long pendant, doubled, or as a lariat.  

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Seasons Greetings!

May this Holiday Season find you in the warm kindness and loving thoughts of Family and Friends near and far.  May you feel the unconditional love that nurtures the soul.  May you find chocolate in your stocking instead of coal....

Hand Painted Gothic Garden Set

Something a little bit different today.  When I found this old Eastlake table and two gothic chairs at a favorite local haunt, they were actually in two different buildings, and in pretty bad shape. The original finish was all but gone, along with the original glue that held them together.  I found the chairs first, then  stumbled upon the table on my way to see about another chair.....I love quaint, elegant chairs for some reason...... someday I will post a photo of my chairs in waiting...  Anyway,  I thought they would make a sweet set for a small space, as the chairs tuck nicely I rescued them.  After repair work I decided upon this aged cream and leafy green finish to tie them together.  A nice little vintage set with a new life to live......

Monday, December 21, 2009

BirdyBoo Purse

This is a Pique Assiette Purse made with vintage china, stained glass, findings, rhinestones and crystals.  I wanted to design a purse that could use all of these elements as well as painting and glazing, and this is the result.  I then upped the whimsey factor by lining it with faux fur, lest we hear a tube of lipstick knocking about inside :o)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Lady In The Mirror ~ Sold

This Pique Assiette piece was made for a VSA Arts of Indiana charity auction. I was given the smaller framed mirror that you see within the center.  I then added the larger outer frame to accommodate my design.  Then came my favorite part.....finding, breaking and piecing all of the broken bits and pieces back together. The Auction was in October, and my Lady found a new home in a private collection in New York.  It was an honor to make her for VSA, and it was an honor for her to go to a loving home.....and as usual, a little piece of me went with her.  The Lady In the Mirror is the first of a series I am working on.   To learn more about VSA Arts click here.