Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Walk With Penrod: Jim O'Neil Art In Iron

"Iron And Glass Table"

The next work you see along our path of all that is Penrod at the Show House will be one of Jim O'Neil's contemporary designs in Iron. Jim spent his early years in his fathers welding shop learning as he grew up.  As an adult he studied design,  and had an advertising and marketing firm for 25 years.  His life and times have provided him with the inspiration needed to create works for many years to come.  Though he is quite adept at drawing from so many years in the business, Jim is most satisfied with industrial design, Space planning and decorative iron work.

Jim says that : "Everything you see is a product of some facet of design. with varying degrees of beauty and efficiency. The design possibilities in the things that we observe become an addiction that needs to be satisfied"

Jim's attention to detail and design are evident upon stepping into his studio/workshop at the Stutz, where you will find him working on daily working on his newest design.  His designs are statements of industrial art, always with a contemporary edge. Visual concepts are his passion.  I invite you to explore more of O'Neil's art in iron by visiting and Stutz Artist Association Annual Open House on April 23 & 24th.  You can contact Jim directly by going here

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pique Assiette Hall Table

The photo above is a detail shot of two of my finished Pique Assiette works for the St. Margaret's Guild Decorators' Show House , which opens to the public on April 24th.  Here you can also see artwork from two of the 10 Artists who lent their inspired work for my "Walk With Penrod."  I am in awe of the works that these exceptional Artists have contributed to my vision for this area, and in the coming days I will be featuring some of their inspired works in an effort express my admiration and heartfelt gratitude.  I feel quite fortunate to also refer to these Artists as my friends.  Some of them I have known for years, and others I have gotten to know better just recently, and I would consider many of them kindred spirits.  All of them have something in common...and that would be me  :o)

A bit of progress

Another little tease of a corner of the mirror I am working on for show house...if you have been following along, you know about the bees.  Well I must tell you that there are some birds involved as well.  It is spring after all...

more to come...

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Vestibule

Oh how I love painting on a curved ceiling, wall or almost anything really. It is such a challenge to do but I must say that it is just as much fun as well. This vestibule is attached to the entry that I posted yesterday, and was done at a show house many moon ago.  I have had my head in the clouds on more than one occasion, and after finding these photos in the archives I am reminded just how pleasant it is to spend more than just a little time that way.

I see more clouds on my horizon, and it brings on a little smile just thinking about it...

A Cloudy Sky

A hand painted sky with birds hovering above a stone balustrade.  Actually pieced together from four photos taken while laying on the floor, I couldn't seem to get far enough away from it to get a decent shot.  Anyway, a nice treatment for a ceiling when the room above cannot be forsaken.

Did I ever mention that I love clouds

I do

Finding this makes me want to do another...

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Lightly Painted Floor

A hand painted scroll on an old oak hardwood floor.  Sanding first is a must so the design will soak into the raw wood. Once dry, apply several layers of a good topcoat, sanding between coats. This subtle design was painted on a 14' x 20' floor, borders the room and plays the part of a transparent rug. 

I love layering details like this in design.  Paying attention to scale and subtlety adds elegance to a formal setting, as well as a bit of formality to a casual setting.  A person may not always know why they find a room comfortable and inviting.  It is only important that they do...its all in how the details speak to each one of us.  

Thanks for stopping by

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Vintage Style Bracelet

Made from my busted glass...vintage china actually.  This wild rose is surrounded with vintage reproduction findings with roses, daisys, bumbly bees and crystals on a wide filagree cuff.  what a nice way to wear a favorite pattern...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Arts & Antiques Show 2010

Such a busy time!  Photos here are of a booth that 10 of the Stutz Artists had last weekend at the Arts& Antiques Show.   Long hours Wednesday thru Sunday, and many great contacts were made by all of the artists.  Several of us are doing our own booths next year so we can display more of our own creations. It was a great Art Crowd. A big Thanks goes out to Debbie Parks for this fabulous opportunity.

On another note, all of the Art was hung at the Decorators' Show House, and I love how the area has turned out.  A few glitches, sure but all in all a beautiful area to ponder and contemplate life's big will I get done with my work in time for photos?

Something I was working on very late Sunday evening...or was it early Monday morning?  Kind of hard to tell with the time change, and having to do two weeks worth of projects in one week. I couldn't have done it without the help of several very good friends...heartfelt thanks to all that made this last week possible.  Yay!   More tomorrow...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A corner of progress...

This is a corner of my new design in progress, and has made its maiden voyage to the Show House...returning to the studio for a short rest before I continue my work.  We were able to hang 19 of the 27 works of art today, and will continue in the morning until all are well placed.  

Lots of wonderful comments from all, and I am very happy about seeing them all together, as they do collectively have a story to tell...even though each piece can tell a story of its own.

more tomorrow...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Its all in the planning...

A couple of sketches lay upon a mirror I am working on for St. Margaret's Hospital Guild's Decorators' Show House  Once I am happy with a design, I lay it out to try to get to know it a bit better before making a bigger commitment...then it's on to busting my glass.

As of now the mirror is 80% complete, and at a proper dryness to transport to the Show House for hanging tomorrow morning. Then its back to my studio for completion in time for an upcoming photo shoot.  I am so excited that all of the art will be hung in my area tomorrow,  the lighting goes in Wednesday,  Liz Sinatra's furnishings will follow on Friday...whew!  It was very inspiring to see all of these works go through the metamorphosis from concept to completion these past months.  I can't wait to see them  all in one room tomorrow!  I predict some aha moments for the patrons of the Show House while taking a walk with Penrod at the Booth Tarkington home in my design area.  More to come...

Hey Randy, Welcome home  and thanks for the cool Tramco baby grid paper, I love it!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

In like a lion...

Vintage beads serve as robins eggs in this tiny wire nest brooch, from my BirdyBoo collection of adornments. I love these little hard to find antique beads. The birds were singing this week and we actually had a 48 degree day.  Spring is on its way.  Spring for me means getting ready for the impending photo shoot for St. Margarets Hospital Guilds Decorators' Show House, preparing for Stutz Annual Open House, and getting ready for the Arts and Antiques Show  Throw in a late winter cold, a surprise interview, and organizing a new studio... Whew!  I may not be able to post every day, but I will be checking in as often as possible.  This next week will be a busy one...want to put my best foot forward...hope I remember which one that is :o)  Thanks so much for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Staging a photo shoot

A photographer in the building is staging a "Vanity Fair" style photo shoot for the Artists at the Stutz as a promo for our annual open house in April.  If you look closely, you just might recognize a few of the pieces.  I am looking forward to seeing the final collage to see if I can still detect some of my work. I do not know the final count of Artists yet, but the photo had to be taken in four sections. The Artists usually hop on the antique fire engine for the group shot, which is pretty cool too.  One of the only times we are all in one location at the same time.   more on this later...