Monday, February 15, 2010

Decorators' Show House progress

My hand painted wall fabric is finished...yay for me! In the top photo you can see the strips have been rolled up and numbered for delivery to my installers. I gathered these buttery bits of goodness and  delivered them to the Booth Tarkington house in the morning snow. This fabric will be the background for 20 of the 27 works of art that are being created by a selection of exceptionally talented Artists.  I've  been so fortunate to have had a birds eye view as these Artists work through their creative process, making a contribution to my vision for this project.  The name of my ares is "A Walk With Penrod Schofield" and the artists have all put their individual stamp on what this means to them personally.  I am very proud of each and every one of them, and look very much forward to getting all of these great works together in one room.  It is my hope to add just one more artist, if she agrees...fingers crossed. Penrod was written by Booth Tarkington, and is the inspiration for my area in this show house. Indianapolis also has the Penrod Art Fair every September at the IMA. the bottom photo is a reminder of the unembellished painted buttery strips. Can't wait to see the walls tomorrow...

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