Friday, February 5, 2010

All You Need Is Love #5

This little Pique Assiette heart has a double row of crystals, two tiny rhinestones and several broken bits of a beautiful antique plate.  The necklace is strung with silver glass seed beads and some of my favorite candy pink antique beads.  A very long strand that can be worn long, doubled, or as a lariat. 

Tonight was the opening of "Art From The Fourth Chakra", and a few brave souls ventured out into the winter storm to see the offerings that the Stutz Artists made in honor of the occasion.  The Gallery closed a bit early, and after watching the snow fall softly all day long, it was finally time for all to find their way into a wintery wonderland.  I cannot remember a time when the snow coated the leafless trees so perfectly. Did I ever mention that I love snow, I dearly love snow.  My magical silent ride home was full of thoughts of friends that I know in my heart could artfully capture the wonderment unfolding before my eyes with each passing tunnel of snow laden trees. Upon arriving home, I bundled up for a silent walk in the stillness of the evening.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and tonight I found myself wishing that I had the skills to capture this beautiful peaceful moment in time.  It is still snowing... 

Love this moment...make snow angels...have some cocoa...hug a friend.

Love Love Love...its easy

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