Sunday, February 28, 2010

Flowers & Favors

Thought I would post a couple of photos from the wedding today.  Bright pink Gerbera Daisy & Rose topiary and cupcake favors  that went onto hot pink window boxes.  Red velvet, chocolate, strawberry and margarita...Yum  What a cool idea.

All you need is love...and maybe cupcakes :o)

All You Need Is Love #16

A pique assiette heart with three different pale pink patterns  with deep red vintage glass surrounded by crystals. The final installation of this series.  Oh there will be more hearts, oh yes there will be...but maybe not so much of me mentioning how great hugs are.  Maybe.  hmm...I really cannot make that promise, sometimes hugs just happen...without much thought.  That's what makes them real.  Oops there is another one...I cannot seem to help myself :o)

Hug a friend and hug yourself.

Today I will hug my Baby Sister, it is her wedding day...

Love Love Love...its easy

Saturday, February 27, 2010

All You Need Is Love #15

Pale pale pink roses from antique china, ruby red vintage glass, crystals and a tiny pink rhinestone.  A pique assiette heart that represents love and friendship...its really all a person needs...and chocolate :o)

Give your friends a great big hug today

Love Love Love...its easy

Friday, February 26, 2010

All You Need Is Love #14

I know I know, but it is still February, and I still love hearts. I also love the delicate pink roses on these broken bits of a put together heart. vintage red glass, a rhinestone and crystals finish this little pique assiette heart.  I very good friend of mine is also in love with hearts and you can see what she is working on by going here Leigh Dunnington-Jones.  If you were to look up Artist in the dictionary, one of the photos you would find there would be Leigh's.

Embrace your passion

Love Love's easy

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Do you see the moon...

A bit of a different post today.  I lay no claim to being a photographer, but I do know when I am moved by a beautiful sky.  I am asked so often Why do you take so many pictures of the sky...because its beauty takes my breath away...Don't you already have enough pictures of the you sure you need to stop for that cloud...yes.   Sometimes its the never ending questions from others that helps us to learn a tiny bit about ourselves... 

Abigail Van Buren had the perfect answer to all of these sorts of question...Why do you ask...  :o)

I noticed these clouds on my way back to the studio this afternoon.  Do you see the moon...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ever After

It is always a happy day when one of my treasures finds a forever home, even if it is laced with a touch of  bittersweet goodbyes.  It is not an easy thing to let ones creations leave the nest...but still I have to smile when I think of many things that just seem to happen along the way. 

This is an old photo of the Eastlake Armoire in its forever home.  It was the Decorators' Show House, I was Designer and Artist the first year I was involved.  I chose to use the Eastlake Armoire on the first floor landing. On top you can see dried hydrangea from The Seaport Florist in Brooklyn, and a selection of herbed vinegars from my garden.  This house was the first of three Officers homes on Lawton Loop at Fort Benjamin Harrison and were on St. Margaret's tour that year.  

These wonderful old homes were being offered to the public for the first time, and the current home owner had fallen in love with the  armoire that I had rescued.  I just knew it had found the right place to be.  That year was a lot of hard work, and it was so much fun to be following my heart wherever it would would lead me.  I designed and painted a pair of three story stairways and landings that year, and to my surprise received two awards for my efforts.  Who knew?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eastlake Armoire

This Eastlake Armoire is an old knock down wardrobe circa early 1900's, and was found at an auction in Centerville.  The knock down was designed for the ease of moving a large piece of furniture at the beginning of last century.  Wow, never thought I would ever say that.  This one is made of oak and quite heavy.  Having been stored in a barn for years rendered its original finish non existent. The hand carved beauty had been hidden away for quite possibly decades with layers of grime and neglect.  What choice did I have but to bring it to the studio to begin its new life. After a week of scrubbing and sanding I chose a cream and leaf green crazed finish with translucent gold and vineyard grape juice purple accents.  I love the detailing on the top, Eastlake has always been a favorite of mine.  The rest of this story tomorrow...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mango Study

Oil on 9" x 12" canvas panel   work in progress
I love the colors of a love love them.  I tried to capture them in this little study last week.  I still love the colors of the real mangos after attempting to capture them, so I will try again when the right ones come along.  I plan to go back into this one and attempt to make more progress.  I once painted an eight layer finish on dining room walls that looked like the center of the mango on the was a yummy room, and just talking about it makes me want to paint another one of those too...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Black & Silver Bomb'e Chest

A little bombe chest from Belgium, brought to me by a good friend.  This little chest had a very loose top and a badly damaged finish.  I felt it was my duty to find a new life for this sad little guy...after all a tree had once been sacrificed for him and that is no small me.  I chose a hand painted rubbed black finish with champaign silver  detailing.  It occurs to me now that the tiny stripes in the border are not clearly seen in this photo.  I will take a detail shot of this to add later, because I think they are fun to do and see.  I have allot of fun with these quaint little chests.  Thanks for stopping by to see my work...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Into The Woods Study #3

Oil on 5"x 7" on textured canvas board
I promise...this is the last in this mini series...but there is always tomorrow :o)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Into The Woods Study #2

Oil on 5"x 7" textured canvas board.
Another little study of the woods in Brown County. When I finish up my work for the Show House I may continue to do a few pieces in this direction. Thanks to all for the comments...they are very helpful.  

I have been working on promotion design for several upcoming events, some of them coming together nicely, others have yet to be started.  When it rains it does seem to pour.  After getting help from several friends( a village) I am sure that I need photoshop! A big Thank you to my very kind and helpful friends with photoshop skills :o)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Into The Woods Study

Oil on 5" x 7" textured canvas board  
A primitive path into the woods, painted in Brown County...working on a softening technique. I am still waiting for the brush to tell me its secrets.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good News!

A closer view of the Booth Tarkington home that is hosting this year's 2010 St. Margaret's Hospital Guild Decorators' Show House.  I love this 1911 Tudor home and its history.  It looks very different today, as it is covered with snow...I will try to get a photo of its winter beauty to show you as well.

My good news?  I just learned that the current home owner loves the hand painted wall covering I created for her, and news like this makes me very happy...more tomorrow

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I was not sure if I should post this... but I really could not help myself :o)  A sneak peek of my hand painted wall covering at the Decorators' Show House.  I have many things in the works for this area, and hope that you will enjoy this story as it unfolds.  

Tomorrow I will start work in earnest on my Pique Assiette mirror and table for the wall you see on the left, in the top photo.  The bottom photo is detail of the subtle pattern I have painted for four of the walls. My intention is to give a bit of interest, but not so much as to take away from the art that has been created for the covered walls.  The remaining walls have a pale buttery hue that will allow the art work hung upon them to sing their song as well.  My hope is to depict various ways to add design elements and interest that provoke a pleasurable pause in a seemingly ordinary area.

I had forgotten how much I enjoy the process of bringing the elements of a design together for the DSH.  I am so grateful to be a part of this project again.  I am also very grateful for all of my talented Artists, for all of the work they are putting into this project on behalf of their belief in me.  I am really quite humbled by it all...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Decorators' Show House progress

My hand painted wall fabric is finished...yay for me! In the top photo you can see the strips have been rolled up and numbered for delivery to my installers. I gathered these buttery bits of goodness and  delivered them to the Booth Tarkington house in the morning snow. This fabric will be the background for 20 of the 27 works of art that are being created by a selection of exceptionally talented Artists.  I've  been so fortunate to have had a birds eye view as these Artists work through their creative process, making a contribution to my vision for this project.  The name of my ares is "A Walk With Penrod Schofield" and the artists have all put their individual stamp on what this means to them personally.  I am very proud of each and every one of them, and look very much forward to getting all of these great works together in one room.  It is my hope to add just one more artist, if she agrees...fingers crossed. Penrod was written by Booth Tarkington, and is the inspiration for my area in this show house. Indianapolis also has the Penrod Art Fair every September at the IMA. the bottom photo is a reminder of the unembellished painted buttery strips. Can't wait to see the walls tomorrow...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Queen Of Hearts

A new addition to The Lady In The Mirror Series. This lady has broken bits of antique china, shells, opalite, chrysophrase, garnet, carnelian, a vintage china rose and findings. Happy Valentines Day to all who hold another dear in their hearts. xoxox

Embrace the moment.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

All You Need Is Love #13

I love the balance of color and gold on this pique assiette heart, and will always have an eye out for just one more chipped or cracked plate in this pattern.  The combination of pinks, green, a touch of blue and gold are quite beautiful to me. I think this is a good example of less is more, a little vintage stained glass and a few crystals complete the design.  Lucky number 13 for today, could that mean 13 hugs?

Speaking of lucky numbers, I learned recently that my design area at the St Margaret's Hospital Guild Show House is also now number 13. This was determined once the path through the house had been decided upon by the Guild.  Below is a little tease, a before photo of the area.  This was taken from the sun room.  My area includes the landing, upstairs sitting area and long hallway...which will be transformed into a gallery featuring the works of six extremely exceptional artists.  Oh, and some of my work will be there too :o)  In this photo, you can see that we have already installed picture moulding, and the white wall on the left has been smoothed with plaster to prepare it for my hand painted wall covering.  More to come on this project.

Embrace your dreams.  

Love Love Love...its easy   And sometimes smells like paint :o)

Friday, February 12, 2010

All You Need Is Love #12

A little Pique Assiette heart with vintage china from one of my favorite finds.  I love these delicate pink flowers combined with pearly pink glass, crystals and a tiny rhinestone.  This little heart has also in its possession the enhancement of charms, adding so much interest to the little unbroken heart. Friends are like the charms that we add one by one to our lives when we least expect to do so, the little gifts we give to ourselves.  Its kinda like finding a flower in that unexpected place...maybe it actually found you.

Embrace friendships near and far...distance matters not to the heart.

Love Love Love,...its easy

Thursday, February 11, 2010

All You Need Is Love #11

A pale yellow pique assiette heart surrounded with crystals.  This heavy vintage plate came to me with a very large crack half way through its pink and yellow roses, it nearly fell apart in my hands. The crazing beneath the glaze made it very difficult to keep the delicate roses somewhat in tact. I love the way the crystals reflect a bit of the yellow rose.  I felt it needed no more than to just be.  

Embrace simplicity.

Love Love Love...its easy

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

all You Need Is Love #10

A charming little heart, this one a bit smaller with bits o china, sterling charms, crystals and rhinestones.  A friend came by the studio today and chose a little heart to call her very own...and another friend came by just to give me a big hug.  What a nice day!  I also spent a few hours sorting vintage china by color and getting some of my books on shelves from my move.  It was just one of those snowy winter days in the studio. hmmm

Give a hug...get a hug...all good.

Love Love Love...its easy

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All You Need Is Love #78

Ha, really just #9 but a nod to a good friend that asked just how many of these I was going to do.   The answer, if my good friend is reading, or...if you too are until my surprise on Valentines Day.  Sometimes hearts can lead to surprises, and part of the fun is the anticipation :o) and allowing it to sneak up on you. This Pique Asiette heart is made with bits of vintage china, stained glass crystals, a pink rhinestone and a whole lotta love.

Hug a friend when they least expect it.

Love Love Love...its easy

Monday, February 8, 2010

All You Need Is Love #8

Sterling charms and Royal Albert Country Roses on a strand of candy pink beads.  This little Pique Assiette heart is now in Florida with a good friend that chose it on a snowy evening before heading for the sunshine.  It always warms my heart to catch a smile and a twinkle in they eye of someone finding the love in a little unbroken heart, once the bits and pieces are back together again.  Maybe its not true what they say about all the kings horses and all the kings men...when it comes to unbroken little Pique Assiette  hearts.  So sorry Humpty Dumpty...come and see me next time :o)

Did you know a single hug has great healing power?  

Love Love Love...its easy

Sunday, February 7, 2010

All You Need Is Love #7

This little Pique Assiette heart is one that I chose for myself, and I love to wear it in February.  Bits and pieces of my favorite antique china surrounded by crystals and a few of my favorite candy pink beads...yum

I have some exciting news about my little hearts.  A few days ago I mentioned that I sent two of my favorite little hearts to a Hands For Haiti - Doctors Without Borders charity auction.  I learned today that my hearts went for a total bid of $500.00 for this worthy cause...leaving me nearly speechless! Nearly...I am so happy to have been able to help, and want to thank the generous bidders for reaching so deeply to contribute to this worthy cause.  To learn more about sending a bit of loving help to children in need, please click Le Studio.

I also have a bit of sad news.  A very good friend of mine found the end of her journey late Saturday evening. I had rescued this silky pup six years ago, but as it turns out, it was she that had rescued me.  Unconditional love from a wagging wonder is a healing thing indeed, and can sometime arrive when we least expect it a person or a pet it matters not.  I feel lucky that she found me, and I will miss her very deeply. She was 14 and sweet and simple and beautiful. Rest in peace puppy...

Hug a friend tightly today, you may not know just how much it is needed

Love Love Love...its easy

except when it comes to goodbye

Saturday, February 6, 2010

All You Need Is Love #6

A pretty pink heart made with bits of antique china, rosey red stained glass and crystals.  I love the hand painted vintage china used in this little pique assiette heart. I also love working with pieces that were  lovingly created long ago. I find that I also love creating a new life for a beautiful piece that...due to a chip, crack, or had been thought of as no longer beautiful.  Thats three times I just said love...and I think three loves equals a great big hug...

Give yourself a big hug today with a nice cuppa cocoa...yum

Love Love Love...its easy

Friday, February 5, 2010

All You Need Is Love #5

This little Pique Assiette heart has a double row of crystals, two tiny rhinestones and several broken bits of a beautiful antique plate.  The necklace is strung with silver glass seed beads and some of my favorite candy pink antique beads.  A very long strand that can be worn long, doubled, or as a lariat. 

Tonight was the opening of "Art From The Fourth Chakra", and a few brave souls ventured out into the winter storm to see the offerings that the Stutz Artists made in honor of the occasion.  The Gallery closed a bit early, and after watching the snow fall softly all day long, it was finally time for all to find their way into a wintery wonderland.  I cannot remember a time when the snow coated the leafless trees so perfectly. Did I ever mention that I love snow, I dearly love snow.  My magical silent ride home was full of thoughts of friends that I know in my heart could artfully capture the wonderment unfolding before my eyes with each passing tunnel of snow laden trees. Upon arriving home, I bundled up for a silent walk in the stillness of the evening.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and tonight I found myself wishing that I had the skills to capture this beautiful peaceful moment in time.  It is still snowing... 

Love this moment...make snow angels...have some cocoa...hug a friend.

Love Love Love...its easy

Thursday, February 4, 2010

All You Need Is Love #4

A charmed heart is what I have decided upon today for the fourth day of February. A rosebud is the focal on this little heart, keeping it company are bits of vintage stained glass, a tiny pink rhinestone , crystals and a shard or two from of my favorite antique plates.  I have added a candy pink vintage bead and a clear glass heart.  Sterling charms finish this little key to my heart Pique Assiette pendant.

This is one of my favorite little hearts, and maybe the one that pulls at my heartstrings the most. That is why I had to let it go in hopes that it might pull at the heartstrings of its future owner.  I sent this heart to a  performance and charity auction that will be taking place this weekend in LA, and proceeds will benefit  Hands For Haiti and Dr's Without Borders. Talented artists are coming together to do what they can to help those who need our love and help now more than ever...Children.   To learn more about this special event go to Le Studio, and click on what's new.

I sent these hearts out like little hugs on their way to a greater good.  It is my hope that they will complete their journey and help where help is needed the most.  I am grateful for those who take it upon themselves to put so much effort into helping children in need, and I am humbled to be even a tiny part of that effort.       

Love.  It takes on many that friend still waiting for a hug?

Love Love Love...its easy

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

All You Need Is Love #3

Still in the studio busting my glass...  Todays offering, Pink rhinestones, crystals, vintage china and stained glass, a little Pique Assiette heart on this 3rd day in February, a special day in my heart.  I must admit at times I am bursting at the seams with memories of a dear friend's compassion and the love bestowed there within.  Sometimes friends are relatives, more often not, but that does not make the memories any less sweet...I am very thankful for the treasured friendships that I have had the good fortune to have in my life and times.

Did you hug a friend yet today?

Love Love Love...its easy

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

All You Need Is Love #2

I am working late at the studio this evening, on my entry for the "Art From The Fourth Chakra" exhibition that is on Friday evening, and remembered I had not yet chatted with you today.  As promised, this little Pique Assiette heart has a double row of crystals, vintage china and a tiny rhinestone...another little heart offering in the month of love and dreams.  Speaking of dreams, Leap Year was a good movie...the kind that takes one to beautiful places otherwise left unseen.  Did I ever mention I love castles...I do   oops! there I go, dreaming again...I'd better get back to breaking plates. 

By the way, I really cannot believe that I am touching my mac with these crusty digits..."I guess I knew that this would happen",  as John Mellencamp said " But I was hopin' not today" 

Love Love Love...its easy

Did you hug that friend yet :o)

Monday, February 1, 2010

All You Need Is Love

Love Love Love...Its easy!  It is February, the month of hearts and love and friendship, so I am going to offer up a few hearts this week, which should come as a surprise to no one :o)   Did I ever mention that I love the heart? This little heart has light and deep pink roses from vintage china, crystals and rhinestones. This week is also First Friday, Open Studios at the Stutz from Noon to Five, and  the opening of the exhibit and reception of "Art From The Fourth Chakra" at StutzArtSpace, Five to Nine.  You can learn more about it by clicking here, and here.

I began the day meeting my trim carpenter at the Booth Tarkington House, and there is a flutter of activity going on over there...I learned that 1500 people attended the preview tour over the weekend.  That bodes very well for attendance this year...Yay! For more info, click St. Margaret's

I am also meeting my Beautiful Daughter-In-Law for lunch and a movie for her birthday.  We are going to see Leap Year...I have been looking forward to seeing this movie.  Any time there is a romantic comedy that includes a clutzy redhead...I am a happy camper!    Happy Birthday Stephanie! 

Please hug a friend today, and always remember...

Love Love Love...its easy