Tuesday, February 2, 2010

All You Need Is Love #2

I am working late at the studio this evening, on my entry for the "Art From The Fourth Chakra" exhibition that is on Friday evening, and remembered I had not yet chatted with you today.  As promised, this little Pique Assiette heart has a double row of crystals, vintage china and a tiny rhinestone...another little heart offering in the month of love and dreams.  Speaking of dreams, Leap Year was a good movie...the kind that takes one to beautiful places otherwise left unseen.  Did I ever mention I love castles...I do   oops! there I go, dreaming again...I'd better get back to breaking plates. 

By the way, I really cannot believe that I am touching my mac with these crusty digits..."I guess I knew that this would happen",  as John Mellencamp said " But I was hopin' not today" 

Love Love Love...its easy

Did you hug that friend yet :o)

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