Sunday, April 18, 2010

Twelve days of Show House Past: 2000 continued

As I was saying...I found an amazing surprise beneath the 25 year old wallpaper.  An imprint from the original wall covering...Gasp!  I knew immediately what I wanted to do about this, but that would require a change from my previously accepted design. I wanted very much to replicate the unearthed pattern on the walls, and I learned the original had been a red on red...lovely!  My request was granted, but alas not in the cranberry reds..

After re-designing my area, the next task at hand was to find the whole pattern to reproduce.  A little here and a little there, I was able to find enough of it to get all I needed to make a 4' x 5' template.  The walls were painted a soft bay leaf green, I then painted the pattern in a translucent mossy green. Look at that iron railing!

It was so much fun to bring a bit of history back to this formal entry, that I almost forgot I was so high up on the scaffolding.  Almost.  The template was just about as tall as me, so it was quite a challenge to say the least, and sometimes quite comical.  Its a tough job , but somebody's  gotta do it :o)

Vintage pattern, vintage rug, vintage furniture...Viola!

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