Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Twelve days of Show House Past 1999

This is a before shot of the second year I worked on a home for St. Margaret's Hospital Guild's Decorators' Show House.  I was awarded the Entry that year, and my design included a hand painted floor.  Shown in this photo is the newly sanded floor, after the old carpet was removed.  I then proceeded to measure and sketch the final drawing on the floor. Drawing the design with wood tone pencils took more than a week to complete.

Then it was time to paint.

And paint, and paint, and paint some more! I again had early access to complete the floor, then covered my work with plywood to protect it while I finished other details, and to allow others safe access through the entry.  Am I giving too much of this process away?  Tune in tomorrow a few more details on this area.  

My plan was to paint every surface in the room...

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