Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Walk With Penrod: Jim O'Neil Art In Iron

"Iron And Glass Table"

The next work you see along our path of all that is Penrod at the Show House will be one of Jim O'Neil's contemporary designs in Iron. Jim spent his early years in his fathers welding shop learning as he grew up.  As an adult he studied design,  and had an advertising and marketing firm for 25 years.  His life and times have provided him with the inspiration needed to create works for many years to come.  Though he is quite adept at drawing from so many years in the business, Jim is most satisfied with industrial design, Space planning and decorative iron work.

Jim says that : "Everything you see is a product of some facet of design. with varying degrees of beauty and efficiency. The design possibilities in the things that we observe become an addiction that needs to be satisfied"

Jim's attention to detail and design are evident upon stepping into his studio/workshop at the Stutz, where you will find him working on daily working on his newest design.  His designs are statements of industrial art, always with a contemporary edge. Visual concepts are his passion.  I invite you to explore more of O'Neil's art in iron by visiting and Stutz Artist Association Annual Open House on April 23 & 24th.  You can contact Jim directly by going here

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