Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Arts & Antiques Show 2010

Such a busy time!  Photos here are of a booth that 10 of the Stutz Artists had last weekend at the Arts& Antiques Show.   Long hours Wednesday thru Sunday, and many great contacts were made by all of the artists.  Several of us are doing our own booths next year so we can display more of our own creations. It was a great Art Crowd. A big Thanks goes out to Debbie Parks for this fabulous opportunity.

On another note, all of the Art was hung at the Decorators' Show House, and I love how the area has turned out.  A few glitches, sure but all in all a beautiful area to ponder and contemplate life's big questions...like will I get done with my work in time for photos?

Something I was working on very late Sunday evening...or was it early Monday morning?  Kind of hard to tell with the time change, and having to do two weeks worth of projects in one week. I couldn't have done it without the help of several very good friends...heartfelt thanks to all that made this last week possible.  Yay!   More tomorrow...

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