Monday, March 8, 2010

Its all in the planning...

A couple of sketches lay upon a mirror I am working on for St. Margaret's Hospital Guild's Decorators' Show House  Once I am happy with a design, I lay it out to try to get to know it a bit better before making a bigger commitment...then it's on to busting my glass.

As of now the mirror is 80% complete, and at a proper dryness to transport to the Show House for hanging tomorrow morning. Then its back to my studio for completion in time for an upcoming photo shoot.  I am so excited that all of the art will be hung in my area tomorrow,  the lighting goes in Wednesday,  Liz Sinatra's furnishings will follow on Friday...whew!  It was very inspiring to see all of these works go through the metamorphosis from concept to completion these past months.  I can't wait to see them  all in one room tomorrow!  I predict some aha moments for the patrons of the Show House while taking a walk with Penrod at the Booth Tarkington home in my design area.  More to come...

Hey Randy, Welcome home  and thanks for the cool Tramco baby grid paper, I love it!

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