Friday, May 7, 2010

Vintage Denim Embellishment...thoughts of the day

As Promised, today I am posting a photo of a vintage jean jacket that I have painted and embellished.  A flowing damask pattern done in metallic old gold covers the bodice of the garment.  Hand beaded ab crystals catch the light just so...without being too flashy :o)  Vintage reproduction findings include Napoleon Bumblebees standing guard on the collar points and love bird filagrees adorning the cuffs.  As I look at this design I feel there is an addition that is needed to complete the look that I want to achieve...  I guess sometimes just writing about something helps to work out the final details...helping us to learn...even from ourselves.

Funny the things we learn along the way, whether we teach ourselves or learn from others...all of the things we learn help to shape out lives.  So much of the knowledge is wanted and needed and comes at just the right time, very organic...I love it when this happens.  Other times we learn something that we might rather not know...but it still becomes a part of the process of growing and learning and trusting...and in the end who we are.   Another reason for posting something blue today...

I love to learn and it is my plan to continue along this path where ever it takes me.  My wish for all of us is to always at some point, be able to locate a soft place to land...when we need it the most. 

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