Monday, May 3, 2010

A Sweet Surprise

A funny thing happened on my way to Show House &  Open House preparations this year. I was asked to submit a list of Five Things I Love to the Indy Star.  It was not hard to pick some of my favorites, but I must admit number five I had only tried once, at my Sisters wedding.  The margarita cupcake from Holy Cow Cupcakes in Carmel. Yum! 

Less than one week later, someone was tapping on my studio door.  As I walked around the corner I noticed a tall man with a little hot pink box in his hands.

Margarita cupcakes!

note the icing to mean cake ratio.

purrrrrfection confection!

I called Karen at Holy Cow Cupcakes to thank her for her wonderful gift, and learned that people had been coming in all week to request this exact little bit of crystal crunchy, moist and cakey, fluffy creamy bit of mouth watering goodness!  Who knew?

Karen, your Cupcakes are welcome at the Stutz any old time, and we look forward to you considering bringing your delectable treats to our Open House next April!

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