Thursday, May 13, 2010

Keeping my fingers crossed...

Today I finished repairs from where the artwork was hung on my hand painted wall covering at the Show house...all went very well...Thanks to the Franklin Brothers, the best installers in this region.  A little touch up by me...and viola! 

I wish that my photos could show you the pattern and depth of the finish. 

Back in February, carefully rolled and numbered for the Franklin Brothers....I just love them!

And in January, on the studio walls... 

I find out Tuesday if the Home Owners will be keeping my creation in the Booth Tarkington home.  It is my hope that they will, and have many happy years with a memory of our little stroll...

Feels kinda funny seeing the house so empty so fast...echoing with only a memory of the recent activity. Surreal.  The echo will soon be replaced by the happy sounds of a family back home in Indiana.


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