Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Clouds & Something for Karen

I love clouds.  People ask why are you taking more photos of clouds...why are you always looking at the sky?  Some just shake their heads at my inability to realize that all clouds are the same...I keep on shooting. 

I find clouds soothing...no matter if they are happy little clouds or the kind of clouds you might see just before you run for the cellar*...they speak to me on a very deep level, in many different ways...as different as each ones beauty exists to be seen.  I really do not think I can explain why...words seem to fail me.  I am just happy to have learned this about myself.  

Clouds make a difference to me on a daily basis. Especially when I am thoughtful about a thing or two...or three.   Someday, when I am ready...I will start painting them.

This shot is for Karen, a very good friend and exceptional Mixed Media Artist that has done a series with towers in the sky.  It found me when I stopped for a light...

*By the way...cellar is Hoosier for basement :o)

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