Monday, January 25, 2010

Piano Chair

This sweet little piano chair came from an auction in the northern part of the state.  I had my eye on it all day...along with a few other treasures. The little chair was mostly in pieces with absolutely no finish, but I could still see the graceful lines of its past, and wanted to do something about it.  Someone was talking to me when the chair went up for bid, and as I turned around I noticed that someone had placed "my" broken bits of yesterdays grace in a box of junk to sell them together, and a gentleman with the winning bid was walking away with it...The nerve!

I walked up to ask the man the fate of my little chair...only to learn it was headed for the kindling pile. I nearly fainted. The man then kindly offered it to me for six times what he had paid for yes, as I was retrieving the thirty dollars from my pocket he had a good laugh.  I still feel as though I am the one that won that crisp fall day.  Such a big story for such a tiny chair...

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  1. I love the chair, and the story. You have a vrey nice blog, congratulations!