Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Frog & The Lady Bug

The bottom photo is a canvas that I designed and painted for an antique swivel top game table.  The tables original green felt was way past saving...and the top would no longer turn to open into a game table.  Layers of black paint were the glue holding it together.  I found it in a local antique emporium, and I fell in love with its graceful lines. The two chairs were found in Tennessee...and had seats of burlap with a chalky white paint.  The carvings were so similar on both that I had to introduce them to each other and see what path we might find ourselves upon.  My favorite part of this whimsical set are the frogs and lady bugs in the fabric and on the game top.  It nearly broke my heart when they went their separate ways... the table one way the chairs yet another.   Each found their way to a new home, bringing along a bit of whimsey of their own. The top photo is a faded image is the finished set.

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