Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Never throw something beautiful away...

'Current In Carmel' is one of the weekly publications for the area, and included are stories for all of the north side. I was out of town last week (more about this later:o), and I came home to learn that the gifted Artist, Designer and Entrepreneur, Vicky Early had written about one of my works. How exciting! I am working n a series of Ladies in the mirror, and so far there are three. The original Lady In The Mirror will soon reside in her new home in New York. Queen Of Hearts, shown above, is considering a move to Louisville and can be seen in my gallery along with Earth Beauty, third in the series. I love the title that was chosen for the feature, it has so many meanings...to me anyway. I also love that she thought enough of my work to write about it...Thanks Vicky!

Early owns Artichoke Designs, which can be found in the Carmel Arts & Design District at two locations; 240 West Main Street, and 10 South Rangeline Road. Did I mention that Vicky is very gifted? So much inspiration within, that she needed two stunning design shops to satisfy a yearning to create beautiful interiors for people like you and me. Vicky and her design team can assist with design projects from a powder room to an entire home...stop in and see next time you are in town...you will not regret it.

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